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As of 6/20/2011 we are currently not taking orders for Botas

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Custom Hand Crafted Old West Botas
The above images are only a select sample of the many styles of botas we can craft.
Any of our botas styles can be customized to your specifications.
All botas are unlined unless otherwise noted.

Botas de Alas (Spanish for winged boots) also called half leggings or breed leggings are knee-high leather wrap-arounds worn to protect the lower leg. This garment is typically associated with the: Californios, Mountain Men, Buffalo Hunters, Plainsmen, Scouts, and Metis (mixed-bloods) of the 19th Century.

We make the basic style of botas with many variations available

Our botas wear as good as they look. They can be made from top grain leather (mainly buckskin), chamois buckskin aka imitation braintan, and the ultimate historical leather - braintan buckskin. Beadwork, spots, conchos, antler, bone, or horn buttons, can all be used for decoration to make your own unique pair of botas. All parts are given our vintage patina.

Wild Rose Trading Company's custom, hand crafted Old West Leather Goods and Frontier Trappings are based on the traditional designs and use the construction methods of the period from approximately 1740-1920. We generally do not make direct copies of originals - instead we prefer to make each piece employing our own original design elements to make each piece unique. Each one-of-a-kind item is made to your custom specifications based on period correct designs and construction techniques for an authentically made item with no two items ever being exactly alike. All of our work is historically based and of museum replica quality.

Wild Rose Trading Company's hand crafted leather goods, custom knives, and hawks are made to please the most discriminating collector. They also meet the strict standards required by the Old West/Frontiersman reenactor or the authentically inclined Cowboy Action Shooter®.

Finished with a unique aged look, the vintage patina on our
- Hand Crafted Old West Leather Goods & Frontier Trappings -
will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd

Wild Rose Trading Company Home Page...

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Wild Rose Trading Co Contact Info

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